Sunday, January 11, 2009

Many Years Ago

We lived in an Amish community in Arthur and had great fun playing with our cousins, visiting our Grandparents, going to school, and working and playing at home. There were eight of us children, four girls and four boys. That made for an exciting life for a young child. I didn't know at the time how different we were. We didn't have running water or electricity and we went everywhere in a horse and buggy. Sometimes we took trips on a train but that was a rare occasion.
We were just 'Plain' people and at that time not so many people knew about the Amish. We were a novelty to the people that heard about us and people would come from far and near to look at us and wonder what our world was like.


  1. You cannot say that anymore...'Everyone' has ate something... 'from the Amish', bought furniture... 'from the Amish', or seen movies...about the Amish...No novelty anymore!

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