Tuesday, January 13, 2009


From the time little Devin was born we knew he was just a little special. Even at the hospital when he was born he had low blood sugar and didn't want to eat. His mother is my youngest daughter and she got so ill when she was carrying this child that she had to be put on emergency IV after many days of morning sickness. Her sickness was more then morning sickness and she got to the point where she could hold nothing down, not even water. This is when the nurse team was called in to their home and the IV Treatments were started. Several years later I asked my doctor about Devin's refusal to eat many foods and why the times when he got so sick he would throw up? He said in the womb he learned that food makes one sick. Could it be possible? Mothers-to-be take care of your precious babies.

When baby Devin came home from the hospital not only did he not like to eat but sleep was something quite rare, especially at night. So night after night my daughter would call and ask me to come over to help with this restless baby. Soon the night time was full of strange happenings.

What was that noise in the middle of the night? Every night we would here this mysterious noise and we though it was the smoke alarms going off. I was driving a Jeep at the time and sometimes when the sounds in the house were heard we would run around trying to figure out where they came from and when we looked outside the car lights would come on and off several times. It was so erie. then Devin would start to cry again and it was back to the baby bed to pat his little bottom. I would lay on the floor and reach through the baby bed and try to console him as he cried harder and harder. What is going on in this house?

My son-in-law worked nights so that left the two of us to solve this mystery. Mu daughter would ask her husband if he could find anything in the house that could be going off at night but it was to no avail. All seemed well until night time when we were there by ourselves.
O-O-O-H! We would go to bed and lay there unable to sleep with our hearts racing as the clock slowly clicked by. Devin was actually asleep and the lights on my car were not coming on (was that just my imagination anyway?) so we gradually dozed off. What??

I hear running sounds and wake up enough to see this wild looking woman running through the rooms crying out. Her hair was standing on ends and I jumped up without my glasses. tripped on the coffee table, fell in the floor, rolled over just close enough to the window to see the lights outside. Yes, it was that Jeep! The lights were coming on and going off every few seconds. We have had Ghosts before so this has got to be the most haunted place of all.

We had to regain our composure while Devin was still asleep so we sat on the couch and discussed this mystery. We were talking about the time this bell sounding noise went off each night and why was it coming from different rooms and places in this house? Was somebody trying to tell us something?

We tried to recall the various times that we had heard the noise and decided it was around 2:00 AM. Yes, we remained kind of calm as we talked and decided to let go of our imaginations, when suddenly her eyes got big and scared and there was that noise again. We both went scurrying around looking for the source and she looked up at the clock and cried out that it is 2:00. Now we had identified the time so we only needed to know the source.

The bell sound never lasted long enough to find it but this time she was running through the hall in time to hear it clearly. She knew the sound was the loudest in that hall. She searched and found my purse sitting there and looked at my cell phone. There it was! Somehow, someway, that cell phone alarm had been set to go off at 2:00. The lights outside flashed again so later I took my car to the shop and was told that sometimes that happens with lights if they have a slight short in them. The cell phone being in my purse explained why the sounds came from different areas.

AHH! Mystery solved. It was such an Adrenalin rush I actually kind of missed the 'Ghost'.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Many Years Ago

We lived in an Amish community in Arthur and had great fun playing with our cousins, visiting our Grandparents, going to school, and working and playing at home. There were eight of us children, four girls and four boys. That made for an exciting life for a young child. I didn't know at the time how different we were. We didn't have running water or electricity and we went everywhere in a horse and buggy. Sometimes we took trips on a train but that was a rare occasion.
We were just 'Plain' people and at that time not so many people knew about the Amish. We were a novelty to the people that heard about us and people would come from far and near to look at us and wonder what our world was like.